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Deposits & New Customers

All new customers will need to pay a £20 non refundable deposit to secure your first appointment. This can be arranged when booking your dog in for the first time.

Our Cancellation Policy

We do require 48 hours notice of any pre-booked appointment cancellation.

If less time is given, a cancellation fee to cover any and all costs incurred may be added to your account.

Missed Appointments

In the event of any Failure to turn up for your pre-booked appointment or if you are more than 15 minutes late, a fee to cover any and all costs incurred may be added to your account.

"We try to ensure that we give the best possible service at the best possible prices to our clients ... and there are only so many appointments we can offer in any one working week, so to ensure that our

Messy Mutts salon doesn't disappoint our customers and at the same time lose valuable revenue, by having empty and missed appointments that others could have used, we have these terms and conditions in place so that no-one misses out. Thank you for your understanding."

Kelly Hamley

The Legal Bit

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